Keep knocking on the Devil's door

Hey, Jack Mercer, married to the incredible Eddie Brock and we have the most amazing little boy together Harley.

Yes I'm a Mercer, yes I have a bad past and no it's actually none of your business.

I'm slowly getting over my father, who is thankfully dead now and things are looking up. If you know Mercers then you will know that if you touch my family I will take you down.

Sexual orientation: Gay
Relationship Status: Taken since March 15th 2012, Married since the 19th May.

Best Friends: Nijah, Loki, Hope, Kimi, Tony
Husband: Eddie Brock

[[Independant AU RP blog for Jack Jack Mercer from Four Brothers. Will RP with anyone]]

The Past Always Catches Up ll Ray & Jack ll 

"I don’t know!" he yelled to the best of his ability, struggling against the hand around his throat. He could taste the blood in his mouth and his jaw ached from the punches, but still the guy wasn’t happy that Jack couldn’t tell him what he wanted to know. He glanced at the green eyes, the scar above his left one and the three black lines down his face, he figured it was some sort of tattoo.

"You better find out, next time I find you and you don’t know where Bobby is I’ll rip your lungs out," he growled, punching him hard in the stomach before dropping him with a hiss and stalking away. Jack crumpled to the ground, trying to control the fear, more confused that anything. The pain he could handle. He spat blood and saliva to the ground. Trust him to get into trouble when his healing wasn’t working. Gangs right? Ray would know who he was, or at least he hoped he would and he tapped out a shaky text to his friend asking for his help as he tried to heave himself up.

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    Ray didn’t respond anymore. His eyes were sealed shut and his mouth was wide open as he panted, fighting for each breath...
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    "Fuck you! Get off me!" he screamed. He knew they were going to get help but the last thing he needed was to get...